• Full name: Eva Gullvåg Aasgaard
  • Birthday: 30. April
  • Nationality: Norwegian
  • Height: 165 cm.
  • Hair/Eyes: Light Blond/Blue
  • Voice: Soprano (d-f´´´), Belt
  • Instruments: elementary piano and percussion
  • Languages: Norwegian (mother-tongue), English/American (fluent), German (fluent), Swedish
  • Dialects: different Norwegian dialects


  • 2009
    Norwegian TV-Series (1 Episode)
    Directed by: Peter Naes
    Role: German Journalist
Ludwig II. – Leben und Tod des Märchenkönigs
  • 2004
    Directed by: Ray Müller
    Documentary film about King Ludwig II
    Role: Princess Sophie of Bavaria, ZDF (also as DVD)
Hotel Caesar
  • 2000
    Norwegian TV-Series (1 Episode)
    Role: Singer
Vaart Daglige Brød
  • 1998
    CD-Recording of the ‘Vaart Daglige Brød’ Oratorium from Herøy
    Music by Reidar Moursund